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Insert new text file "info.txt" by shortcut?

I'd like to be able to insert new new text/description files with the name "info.txt" by a short cut. Is that possible?

This command might do what you want:

FileType NEW=.txt NEWNAME=info.txt

Thanks a lot! But i do not quite understand where exactly to insert the command :slight_smile: I tried "settings/fiel types" but get a message: a TXT file type is already defined".
I need it as a context menu ot/and short cut item.

Another approach (and preferred by plunder) is copying a pre-existing text file from a fixed (and easy accessible) location to the current active folder and have it opened already:

copy HERE "C:\Documents And Settings\plunder\Desktop\file_id.diz" "C:\WINDOWS\notepad.exe" {sourcepath}file_id.diz
This way it is possible to pre-fill the text file (here called "file_id.diz") with some template-like blah, e.g. your letter signature or a greeting or letter head with address and phone number.

the following video shows you how to create BUTTONS in your toolbars:
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Welcome to Dopus!! :wink:

@nickoski: regardless of whether or not you go with a suggestion from Leo or plunder... why don't you explain a little more about what you mean by doing this via a "short cut". Opus lets you run the sort of commands being suggested here by either a hotkey, toolbar button, or context menu item. What did specifically did you have in mind?

Thanks for your help!
Writing "short cut" i thought actually about a "hot key"...sorry :confused: With the command by leo it works fine now by a hot key. How about having the file open after its creation automatically?

This about adding commands to Dopus seems ab area of extensive possibilities. Where could i get a more detailed reading about it?

Most text editors will create a new file if you pass them a filepath that doesn't exist already, so try just running the editor with the file, without creating it first or anything.