Install of KLCodec damaged DO8's MPG playback

Attempting to resolve a persistent instability during video playback on my PC, I installed KLCodec254f. Now, although things play very well from the Windows Explorer, DO only displays the first frame of MPEG video while playing the audio.

Anyone have any ideas?

Hi MadDave,
I really have no idea at all why this is happening in DOpus for you, but I do have a suggestion.

Once upon a time I had a KL codec pac installed, but I removed it long ago in favor of my old method, installing codecs one at a time as needed or desired.

G-Spot, the codec information appliance, can help identify exactly what codec your video is using. One can then find and install just that codec.
I know that doesn't answer your question, but you did ask for any ideas :astonished: .

The other thing I'd do is attempt to reprocess the mpg in a good video editing program.
But, it does sound like you're already past that point.

Good luck Dave,
:opusicon: porcupine

I can't really help here except for telling you "hell, never ever install big codecs / filters packs such as K-Lite or ACE Mega Codec Pack ! Avoid them at all costs !" because some of them modify system codecs and don't replace them when uninstalled (experienced it myself with ACE modifying then removing the WMA codec) and install incompatible stuff (such as various versions of the DivX codec that are not supposed to work together, by hacking the registry so that they can be installed — the reason why it does this kind of operation is beyond my understandings). If things seem to work right after you installed one of those packs, be sure that you'll have random problems sooner or later.
Next time you want to read several video file formats, either install each DS filter yourself or use a pack that don't mess your system (Matroska is good, Satsuki is probably too although I never tried that particular one).