Installation of v10 on Windows XP x64 machine


I am trying to install Directory Opus v10 on a Windows XP SP2 x64 machine, but the installation displayed the following message:

Directory Opus 64-bit

This program requires Service Pack 3 or later on Windows XP.

Setup will now exit.

After a little searching via google, I found the following article: ... c1bb98f2a/

If this article is to believed, there is no pending SP3 for Windows XP x64. Does anyone know if this is valid? If so, how do I get DO v10 onto the Windows XP SP2 x64 machine?


Yeah... I think that's correct, funny as it sounds. GPSoft recently re-packaged the installer to add the check for sp3 because of an issue sp2 was discovered to have with the v10 install package... that said, if they put that same check in for the x64 installer, then they should probably remove it specifically for x64. You're sure you downloaded 64bit installer for Opus 10 and not the 32bit? I presume that the specific incompatibility in the 32bit sp2 for XP was fixed by Microsoft in some other update for 64bit XP...

To coin a phrase, "Bugger!" I didn't realise that there was not a SP3 for XP 64. I've remade the installer and now the 64 bit looks for SP2. The aim was to ensure a user had the 'latest' Service Pack for XP to avoid issues with the new Microsoft security manifest proceedures we saw for some users who had not updated their XP systems.

Please download the 64-bit install again and contact me directly if there are any further issues.

Thanks, Greg. The new installer works fine and I was able to install v10 on the Windows XP SP2 x64 machine.