Installed Shortcuts Stopped Working

Now today my icons that were installed by DOpus (latest version) stopped working. Seems like they try to open the program, then nothing. Yet I can go to the System Tray icon and click on open Default Lister and it opens with no problem. What could have happened? No updates recently...

Do you mean the desktop shortcut icon? Or the start menu one? Or the taskbar? Or something else?

Any of those.

Turned computer off, went to sleep, woke up, started computer - and everything is normal.

Windows 11 is possessed!

Unknown solution.

Great! Today the stupid thing did it again. Wasting so much time trying to figure out why it would just stop opening. Installed over top and it opened. Closed the program and it won't open again. Windows 11 has been nothing but a headache. Wish I never would have installed it.

Check that Opus hasn't been run elevated, as that block most things from being able to ask it to open a new window (unless they were elevated as well):

You can reinstall windows 10 if you want, it's worth it. I bought a new computer a few months ago, installed windows 11 and then two days later I couldn't stand it anymore. In with windows 10 and everything is working as I want again. For every update of Windows 11, you hear about bugs that are serious. such as the ssd bug where the speed of the ssd became worse. took a long time before it was fixed.

How would it get run elevated when it previously (same session/day) opened fine?

Finally gave up and rebooted and once again - it works fine.

Finally gave up and rebooted and once again - it works fine.

If Opus isn't already running, and an elevated program launches it, it'll be elevated as well at that point.

You can tell if that has happened by the titlebar (shown on the page I linked).

Ok, I understand. I will check for that IF it happens again...