Installing Dopus 12 - crashed; now unable to access Dopus 10

Upgraded from Dopus 10 to Dopus 12 - Dopus instructed me to install and reboot several times. On the last attempt got an error message; now Dopus 10 won't open. Pls advise ASAP as I'm unable to access and view files.

I can now open and access Dopus 10 but Dopus 12 installation still does not complete after 3 attempts.

If you are upgrading there may be an issue with transitioning your Opus10 config to Opus12. Try backing up your configuration then do an uninstall of Opus10 followed by a clean install of Opus12. Not sure if you need to reboot Windows between the uninstall and reinstall but I'd be inclined to do that anyway.

Thank you for the recommendation. Could you tell me how to save ver. 10 configuration and re-install it w/ ver 12?

Settings --> Backup and Restore --> Backup Configuration. Save your backup somewhere safe and then you can restore once Opus12 is successfully installed. Assuming the Opus12 install succeeds you might want to immediately save a "vanilla" configuration that you can switch back to if there are any problems when you restore your Opus10 settings.

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