Installing Opus 11 - questions

I finally got around to installing my new Opus 11 on the first of my computers. I've used Opus for many years, but I have questions about the new installs.

The incredibly large number of options and features does make things difficult, and I have a number of questions. I did go into help (and the manual). But I could not find answers to my questions below

After having lots of problems, I decided to just install the recent OCB file from Opus 10, and work from there to add or subtract items. But even doing that, I still had many problems. Below are 4 questions re configuring my new install. I assume that once I have things set up the way I want them , that when I do my other machines, I can just use that same new OCB file to have the identical setup.

  1. I used to be able to drag a toolbar to position it into a new location. But try as I may, I cannot drag toolbars. What is the way to drag them, to reposition them in the display. I am in "customize" mode, but they won't drag. I thought I used to drag using the left mouse button

  2. I decided to call for my OCB from Opus 10, and then work from there. When I called for my previous OCB from Opus 10, I had my applications toolbar there. But none of the applications would respond. I checked the info for the apps, and it all looked proper. So I just deleted each one and then dragged over icons from my desktop for each app I wanted, and then those apps worked from the apps toolbar - what is going on here??

  3. When I hit CTRL+N to create new folders, there is a checkbox to create comma separated names, and multiple new folders will be created. This worked in Opus 10, but in Opus 11, that just created a single new folder with the name consisting of all the text I entered, including the commas. What's going on here? Is there someplace where I have to activate this feature. I thought that just checking the check box would do so.

  4. In Opus 10, at the bottom left of the display in Opus 10 window, there was a display of the total GB used and total GB free for the drive being displayed. That is not there. How do I get that back?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Ron Hirsch

  1. No change from Opus 10. You can drag toolbars via the grips, thin strips on the left side of them. The grips are always visible when in Customize mode, and are also visible outside of Customize mode if you right-click an empty spot on the toolbar and turn off the "Lock the Toolbars" option.

  2. Maybe the paths to the applications were wrong on the machine you were using the toolbar. Did the toolbar/config backup come from another computer? Aside from that guess, it's hard to say without seeing what was on the toolbar before & after.

  3. Create Folder dialog now lets you create multiple folders at once by typing one name per line, rather than comma separating the names. The advantage of this is that you no longer have to switch modes if you want to create a folder name with a comma. Also note that you can push return twice at the end of the last name to accept the dialog, without having to pick up the mouse to click OK.

  4. Preferences / Display / Status Bar. If you turn off the top option ("Use independent status bars...") you should see your imported Opus 10 status bar settings again. (You might want to instead copy the missing details to the new Independent Status Bars mode, but it's up to you.)

There should be a checkbox option called "create multiple folders". If you tick that, you can name additional folders by just hitting "Enter". Every new row will create a folder then.

In -> settings -> display -> status bar, you have two dropdown boxes at the right side. The first one, "codes", contains various status bar codes. Two of those, {df} and {du} should be the ones, you're looking for.

Yi Leo,

Not only is Opus one of the greatest program ever written for the PC, the support provided in not equaled by anybody!!!!!

Thanks for your prompt reply.

Where I had the apps display but not function, that OCB file was from the same computer that I installed Opus 11 in. And as I said,. I checked the paths and other info, and they were all correct. This happened to all the apps I had there - non worked. I did learn a simple way to set up the properties for the apps, and their display.

Rather than go in to the window to set colors et and info, I reduced the Opus windows on my desktop, where I have all my icons for programs et al. And I just dragged an icon onto the Apps toolbar, and it was done. When I went into that App window, all the info. paths, and colors had been now put there. This sure beats having to key in all that info.

And re question 4, re the status bar, turning off the top option set things back to what I wanted.

Now I'll go through and do more customizing. And when I'm through. I'll do the installs in my other computers, and then just copy if the OCB from my main computer. And I'll double check the paths for App, but I believe they are all the same.

So thanks again for your very prompt help. As I said - you are the best.