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Installing Opus on Different Laptop


I currently have Directory Opus installed on my desktop computer and on a laptop. I think that my purchase allows me to have it on my desktop computer and on this laptop. Can I install Opus on a second laptop?

Or, if I want to install Opus on a second laptop and am only allowed one laptop under my current purchase, can I uninstall it from the first one laptop and then just put it on the second? Is there a way I'm supposed to notify GPSSoftware about this change I'm needing to make?

Thanks for any input on this.



It depends how many installs your licence allows.

A single-install Opus Pro licence lets you install it on one main machine plus one personal laptop. If you want to install on a second laptop, or if the laptop is for work use, then additional licences should be purchased.

To move a licence, just uninstall from one machine and install in the other. Nothing more complex than that is needed.

Remember to do a config backup before uninstalling, if you want to keep your configuration or transfer it to the other machine. Use Settings > Backup & Restore to do that, before uninstalling.


If I buy a Dual pro licence, I can install Dopus on 1 desktop computer + 1 personal laptop and 1 professional laptop.
Is it correct ?



This guide covers some scenarios (including using at both home and work) which may or may not apply, depending on the exact details:

For a definitive answer based on your exact scenario, please email sales@ (details in the first part of the linked guide) with what you need and they'll let you know the licence type(s) that cover it.