Installing Themes

I am just testing and evaluating DO V.8.0.

The first strange point I run into was the implementation of a given theme into DO.

I have downloaded the Theme let's say "office_2003_royal" , extracted it to the Theme folder and then tried to import it into DO. No chance.
DO requires a dlt file which is not a part of the downloadable themes.

Is there anything wrong with DO V.8.0? How can I import the given themes into DO V8???

  1. Is there a possibility to bring the defined FTP Sites let's say as an icon on the DO workspace - instead going through the FTP menu??


Internet Explorer has a bug that causes downloaded theme files to be renamed to .zip. Just rename them back to .dlt and Opus will accept them fine.

To get around this problem with IE I have now converted the theme files to zip. This means that you can download a zip file which, when unpacked, will contain the .dlt file ready for import into the themes tool.

Thank you. That solves the problem!