Instant Search (Filter as I Type)?

Does Directory Opus have a way to do a "filter as I type" search, similar to X1 ( ) ?

Or is there a way to integrate x1 or another program into DO to accomplish this?

Any plans to add this feature in the future? I find the current search feature to be slow, and would welcome an alternative approach.


Filter based on what? The filename, or some other attribute?

You can filter filenames as you type in several ways but I'm not sure if that is what you're asking about.

Yes, filter by filename. By content of the file would be an added bonus. Can you please outline how this would be done using DO?

See this FAQ for real-time filename filtering: [

Real-time filtering based on file contents probably wouldn't work well since Opus does not index file contents. Opus would have to either keep the contents of all potential files in memory or re-read all potential files every time another letter was typed, which would be slow and/or use a lot of memory. Perhaps it could work if Opus integrated into one of the indexing tools (more so than the existing Google Desktop integration, which doesn't offer real-time searching) but that isn't in place right now.

Thanks, this is great!