Integrating a feature from another program

I use dBpoweramp Music Convertor every day, and the only way to call it up is through the context menu -- i.e., by highlighting and right-clicking one or more audio files and selecting "Convert To." I'd like to assign that instruction to a button in Directory Opus, but "Convert To" seems to launch the GUI from a DLL file (or if it does use an EXE file, I couldn't find it). Just wondering if there's any way to do this.

If you run ContextMenu SHOWVERBS with a music file selected, from a temporary button (or the > prompt), it might be able to generate a command to run it for you.

It depends a lot on the type of menu/extension, but it'll work for a lot of them.

More detail here:!Documents/ContextMenu_Command.htm

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dBpoweramp Music Converter also has a command-line version that could be run directly, although it won't show the nice progress dialog the GUI shows, so it's probably not what you want here:

And a scripting interface that could be run from Opus scripts:

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Right, I'm familiar with the CLI, but you have to rewrite the command line every time you want to make a format change, which requires you to first specify those settings in a totally different GUI (CD Ripper), specify your desired format settings there and then go to the Registry to copy some formatting language from a Reg key that CD Ripper has just written to. I love dBpoweramp but changing audio settings in the CLI is a PITA.