Interaction with Modern Apps on Windows 10

I'm running into a problem with DirOpus 11 and Modern Apps. First of all, no Modern Apps appear in the "Open With" menu in DirOpus while Explorer shows them mixed with the desktop apps as expected, e.g. having "Photos" as the default for image files. The same goes for setting the default app in the "File Types" window. It does not show Modern Apps, either. In fact, it claims that the default for JPEG files is "Photo Gallery Viewer".

The bigger issue is that when opening images (either by double-clicking or going through the "Open With" menu and the standard Windows app picker dialog), they appear as singular files in "Photos". There is no navigation through the folder. When I open the same image from Explorer, I can then flip through all other images in the folder.

Is this a fundamental limitation of DirOpus 11? Will it be fixed in 12?

And is there a workaround for the 2nd problem, e.g. a custom double-click action that would open an image in the correct way? It only affects a few file types and apps, so having to configure it manually would be OK.

GPSoft will probably have to look into this. It sounds like just a new spin on the classic annoyance from Microsoft where Explorer is treated differently than other applications.

Hopefully GPSoft can find a way to integrate Opus.

And what are they finally called now? Modern Apps? Universal Apps, Windows Apps, Metro Apps? lol

[ul][li]Open With menu:

As far as we have been able to find, Windows has no API for desktop apps to do things like list modern/metro apps for the Open With list. Here is the information in the registry for the Photos app, for example, which points to a name in resources for which (at least the last time I investigated) no API or format documentation exists on the desktop side:

Until Microsoft provide a way to turn that into an application name, we cannot easily support it, and know of no way to do so at the moment.

It may be possible to invent a way to do it, but we have had few (if any) other requests. (My guess is that most people using Opus prefer to use desktop apps and there are still so few worthwhile metro/modern apps.) I personally spent some time investigating it after Windows 8 shipped, since I noticed it myself, but I stopped when it was looking like a dead end & appeared that nobody but me had even noticed. I also asked some Microsoft experts I know informally, two whom know a lot about WinRT etc., and they were also stumped.

[li]File list in the Windows Pictures app:

That is up to the app. We tell it which file to open, and everything else that happens is down to it. Perhaps it only generates the list of other files in the same folder when launched in certain ways, but I can only guess.[/li][/ul]