Intermittent Empty Tabs choosing sub-folders

After launching Opus from the tray and clicking on a folder it appears to be empty and displays an "Empty Tab" folder. If I move to a different folder and then back the folder opens normally. Not really a big deal, but I expected others to have the issue. Running Windows 10 Insider Preview 14951 & DO 12.2.3. Just reporting this in case others see the same behavior.

That's the first report we've had of this so far.

Are your double-click actions modified at all? (File Types, All Folders, Events; but you'd know if you had edited them, and don't worry if you haven't).

Are other tabs open in the lister that opens via the tray icon?

Does it only happen for certain drives, folders or types of folders?

And does the location bar show you're in the folder you double-clicked when showing the empty folder tab?

Left Double-click not defined.

Using a dual lister layout with several tabs open on both right and left.

Upon further testing in only seems to happen in the right lister when first launched from tray, irregardless of starting tab, folder or tree. To clarify, bottom dual lister, I click on any bottom tab, the files and folders appear normally, but if I click on a folder within that directory I show no files and get an "empty folder tab. If I click on another folder in the bottom lister it appears normally, and if I go back to the folder that previously was shown as empty it is shown normally.

Location field totally empty.

Not much of a inconvenience at all, but strange. This default lister scheme hasn't changed (except for toolbars) in years.

Does it still happen if you set everything under Preferences / Folders / Auto-Loading to Load normally?

That's one area which changed in Opus 12, and could be related to what you're seeing.

That was it. What was set to "load on tab activation" was floppy, ftp, and network. But the settings affected at least fixed drives and network paths (those were the two I noticed). If I can do more testing let me know.