Internal icon set in Label Definitions

How can I use the 'Internal icon set'? The option is in the 'Select Icon' window but this option is always disabled for me. I now use 'External image file' and point to /home/dopus.exe.

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You can't at the moment, without converting the icons into .ico files.

How can I use this (disabled) option?

It’s enabled in places where it works and disabled in places where it doesn’t.

Selecting a toolbar icon is an example where you can use it.

Ah, I see. Just wondering, is there a specific reason why it's not working/disabled in this case?

The things that display labels require the icons to be ones Windows can display, and automatically converting toolbar icons to Windows icons doesn’t work well due to size mismatches.

Also none of the toolbar icons are intended to be used as status icons and most wouldn’t make sense.

Right. Thanks!