Internal player does not play anymore


Some days ago the internal player suddenly stop playing wav and mp3 files it played before.

I did not change anything and checked that "use internal player" is enabled.

The little player window opens and gives correct info about the file, but control buttons and timeline bar are greyed out :question:

Any ideas?

Dopus U on Win XP SP2

[HOW TO: Enable/fix playback of various media formats in Opus)

Hi Nudel,

Thank you for the link.
Unfortunately this did not solve the problem.

Apart from the method described in that post (which did not work) I made many combinations of:

Assign WAV to WMP by means of right click -> choose app ...
Assign WAV to WMP by means of WMP options
Connect/disconnect internal dopus WAV player
Connectt/disconnect Dopus Active X for previewing
Assign WAV to winamp by means of winamp config
Assign WAV to winamp by means of right click -> choose app ...
Directly mess with file associations

At the end, internal dopus player opens, shows file info but still commands are greyed out :frowning:

Any other suggestions?


What strange! I can play another wav file with dopus internal player which is located into another folder ....

Indeed, I copy the non-playable file to this folder and ... it plays!!!

mp3 still does not play.

File permisions are the same in both locations.

:question: :question: :question:

Try running Process Explorer to see if Opus is trying to access something but can't.

What's the folder path/name? Maybe there is a Unicode issue there that nobody has found yet.

I got it.

It's a Dopus bug. When path exceeds from 60 characters long, it does not play the file anymore.

Just create this folder:


and move the wav file up and down to find the limit.

Althought it is clear, for any casual reader just let me point out that in everyday work it is esy to find longer paths, so please do not show me the non-sense of the the path I wrote above.

The down side for me is that there's no solution as long as I decided to stick with version Dopus v8, and any patch would come for v9 :imp:

Anyway, if you can reproduce the problem I'll report it to deveopment, just another contribution on my side for the common good.

It's not the length of the path but the depth of the path, I think.

Many parts of the Windows API have a max depth limitation. It's likely not Opus itself but an API which it relies on to play the sound which is going wrong.

It's still worth reporting in case there is something that can be changed in Opus to work around the issue, or in case the problem actually is in Opus.

(Since other aspects of Opus work okay in a deep path I'm guessing the problem is not in Opus itself but I might be wrong.)


Well, having in mind the simple point of view of a plain user, if you can do something with Windows Explorer (can play that wav in sndrec32.exe) that cannot with Dopus (internal player) ... Who would you blame?

I guess you get the point :wink:

Just for closing, I also fixed the problem with the mp3 in the same way as with the wav (also on a limited depth path).

I'm going to report this now.

Thank you for your support.