Internal viewer skips video files

Hello Again

Why does the internal viewer skip video files while browsing a folder and also in a slideshow? How do I fix this?

I'm not sure the slideshow mode is intended to include anything other than still images.

To fix problems playing videos in general:

so you're saying there's no way to make this happen?

None I know of. The slideshow would advance after a fixed time, in any case, so even if it included videos, you'd only see the very start of each video before it moved on to the next one.

Actually, if you explicitly click the Slideshow button from a lister with a selection of files, it seems to include all of them. Even works on text files.

So it should work, if video playback is working, but it's only going to show a few seconds of each video. If you want to play through each video before moving to the next one, you'll need to use a dedicated video player for that.

thank you sir. much appreciated.