Internal viewer zoom feature

is there a way to zoom on mouse pointer using the internal viewer? i've gotten quite used to this feature from using other viewers and it's a little weird that opus doesn't have it.

Settings - Preferences... - Viewer - Mouse Buttons

Zooming in or out ignores where the mouse pointer is.

But there is an "Expand/Scroll Image" mode you can set on one of the mouse buttons which will show the whole image at 1:1 size, larger than the viewer window, and centred on where you click, moving around if you hold the mouse down and move it around.

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yeah, i tried that but it wasn't the same. seemed a little wonky on my system. thanks.

Wonky in what sense?

my bad. power was out from the ice storm. just got it back an hour ago.

it's not really wonky. i've got a couple other mouse utility programs running at the same time and they don't always play well together. still not quite what i want though. no big deal. just a little feature that i'm a bit anal about. would be nice if you guys would throw that into one the updates though.