International characters

why DOpus unicode can't display russian characters in rar-files???

RAR support is done via unrar.dll -- the only thing provided by RAR Labs to interface with RAR files in other applications -- which doesn't support UNICODE.

If someone can point me to a better RAR library or someone who has reverse-engineered the format (as some people obviously have for other file managers but they haven't published any of the code or information for other people) then I'd be happy to write a plugin that improves Opus's RAR support. As it is though, and given RAR Labs seem to want everyone to use WinRAR and don't understand the idea of integrating support into other applications, there is nothing much that can be done about it.

I still don't understand why people insist on using RAR when there are much better archive formats out there, some of which are open standards that anyone can adopt. :frowning:

better archive formats? like whats?

IMO even Zip is better than RAR because there's source code and a description of the file format. :slight_smile:

7Zip seems to have better compression (maybe without the file spanning aspects or RAR which make it convenient for sending large files over unreliable mechanisms but IMO the mechanisms should be improved instead of relying on a closed file format and, indeed, the mechanisms have improved to the point that spanning isn't really needed anymore).

I'm sure there are others.

Either way it's a moot point because RAR support is impossible to improve without reverse-engineering the format which is a lot of specialised effort.

The unrar.dll does support unicode. You have to use the RAROpenArchivEx, RARReadHeaderEx and RARProcessFileW functions. But the UNRAR VFS plugin doesn't support unicode.

Regards, Norbert


The only reason I ever used RAR was because someone else archived with that and I opened this archive.

Is there some other than rar archive, that supporting recovery of damaged files. Rar has a recovery records, zip amd 7zip doesn't have this function.

I don't know. I never had this problem. If the arch is corrupt I download it another time, and usually then it is corrupt at the server and the author replaces it. And as I do image-backups of my partitions I do not use archivers here, except on Unix sometimes, and then it is checksummed Tarballs.