Invalid link in Dopus12 help topic "Stored Queries"

The help topic "Stored Queries" contains a link labeled "Advanced Query Syntax" which points to ... query.mspx.

Following this link, Microsoft's site redirects to me to ... =windows-7.

It looks like the page has moved to Advanced Query Syntax or Advanced Query Syntax (I think both pages have the same info but slightly different styling).

We'll get the link updated in the next update.

Microsoft still do not seem to understand how the internet works, and that it's a bad idea to habitually break every URL on their servers every so often. :frowning:

I use Opus in english and Windows in portuguese. I have yet to find the localized documentation for Advanced Query Syntax. I could not locate a translated article anywhere on the Web - Microsoft surely does not provide it. Right now I don't know the localized names of some search keywords. If anyone knows of a way to discover the localized keyword names, please, tell me. Maybe tell to leo too, as it could be a good addition to the translated Opus manual.

It's ridiculous, isn't it? Making the syntax depend on language is questionable in itself, but then not actually telling anyone in the world what the translations are is complete madness... Although with Windows Search it feels like we're lucky the English syntax is documented at all. A lot is missing even from that.

I think you can work around the language problem by using fully qualified names for things.

For example, instead of filename: (which only works in English), use System.Filename: (which I believe works in all languages).

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