Invert selection of filters

is it possible to invert a filtered selection? if not would like to request.

many thanks :slight_smile:


should have said ive already tried invert

What do you mean by filtered selection? Ctrl+i works for me...

select 1 or more file types using filter bar then invert. Invert doesn't work here.

Hm works for me... I use Opus Pro (4903) x64.

where doing different things i guess

Just to be clear I don't want to filter - then select a file from the filtered list then invert. I want to filter and use that to invert from the unfiltered list.

Say I have a several folders and I want to choose 3 file types from those folders. I hit flat view - filter and choose the extensions i want - then invert. This should give me all the files that appeared before i filtered minus the filtered files. I guess due to the nature of the filter bar this isnt possible.

I don't think there's an automated method to do this but adding a tilde character (~) to the start of the filter works.

i.e. ~*.(jpg|mp3) will match everything except jpg and mp3 files.

brilliant just what i was after, many thanks :slight_smile: