iOS/iPhone Live Photos

One thing that bugged me a lot when viewing my photo library is that iOS/iPhone Live Photos are not shown in the thumbnails view. For example, compare Windows Explorer to Opus:

Windows Explorer


If I double click the Live photos (which have the .MOV extension), Windows Media Player will be able to play the "photos". I have also bought the HEVC extension from MS Store.

I can't seem to get Opus to show the thumbnails of the Live Photo. It will be great to able to do so but if it's not possible, I am willing to hide them. How can I hide these photos without actually hiding real videos?

Once the next beta is out, try adding the iCloud folder to the list of cloud stroage folders.

If that doesn't work then I don't know. We ask the operating system for thumbnails (if we can't generate them ourselves), so it'd be strange if we get different results to Explorer. (Unless it's due to Microsoft sabotaging every exe that isn't in the Windows folder w.r.t. cloud storage, which is what the next beta works around.) But I also have no idea what Apple are doing differently here.

Ok, I’ll wait for the next stable release, not going to risk trying the Beta.

Meantime, I’ll see if I can hide mov files that’s lesser than 5 seconds in duration.