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iPhone pictures - can't access (Opus and Explorer)

My iPhone 6s is on iOS 11.3. I remember some months ago being able to access its pictures on Opus. However I am unable to access its pictures yesterday on Opus 12.7; today I upgraded to 12.8 and still cannot access them.
Strangely, yesterday, I was able to access them using Windows Explorer. Today I cannot. (That's a gremlin too far!)
I am on Windows 7 x64.
It's not an issue involving the new iOS picture format HEIF, since that only affects iPhones 7 and up.

Nothing has changed in this part of Opus for a while, and since it's also intermittently working in Explorer, I'd say the problem is either in the phone or on the PC as a whole.

A Windows or iOS update may have changed the MTP stack on either side, or antivirus may have changed and be treating things differently, for example.

MTP in Windows, Android and iOS is not that reliable at the best of times, so rebooting the phone and PC may also help in case something is stuck.

Some of the suggestions here may also be worth a try, for those that apply to iOS as well:

I did find a workaround: Plug in the phone (I did not start iTunes first, and it did not start). In Opus, right click the iPhone icon. Select "Import pictures and videos". Follow prompts; pics did import.
After the import, I could see the DCIM folder (which has all pics on iPhone) in Opus!!

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Not starting iTunes is always a good idea in my book. :smiley:

"Import pictures and videos" is not part of Opus, FWIW, but something something else (maybe Windows or iTunes) has added to the context menu.

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Interesting that it works for cmarcus (or maybe not anymore) - which workaround is this please?

Currently Explorer and DOViewer show pics for a few seconds (also thumbnails) but then the files can't be found anymore.

This happens without and with iTunes
DO 12.8
Windows 10, 64-b it, latest 1803 incl. updates
IPhone 5s with IOS 11.4


Works not anymore after a few seconds (click other pics then back to this):