iPhone to PC Sync: Same filenames prevents sync

Since iPhones can have more than one file with the same name in a directory, the Synchronize tool will not sync an iPhone directory to a PC directory. Any suggestions?
V. 12.17x64

It seems that the synchronize tool always syncs on name as the basis of identifying a file, then adds additional criteria from the Compare Options (date(different), date (newer) or size, etc.). This is why it fails at syncing files with the same name from the same source directory. The only option which appears to not consider filename is byte comparison, which is very slow, especially for very large files. Any way to only compare file size and date, ignoring the filename? I looked through the preferences and didn't see any setting for this.
The Update All function from the Copy Files drop-down may be the best alternative, automatically renaming the files with the same names.

It doesn’t make sense to not compare filenames in an automated tool. How else is it meant to know which files to compare?

I think your best option is just to copy the files manually. Windows doesn’t support multiple files with the same name anyway (it seems very weird that the iPhone does) so you’re always going to run into problems trying to do it automatically.

It is weird that iPhone supports it. Looking at the files, they are photos shared from other people's iPhones that happen to have the same filename (but do have a different date and time).
Conceivably, one could compare first on size, then date, and possibly MD5 accuracy like the Duplicate File tool uses. This was not meant to be a feature request. I was reaching out to see if anyone else ran into this issue and how they dealt with it.
For now, using Copy with rename will accomplish what I need.
Thank you