iPod and DOpus

I was lucky enough to get a 40GB iPod for X-mas. Unfortunately I've had issues with it maintaining a USB connection. With USB 2.0 it drops in and out every 2 or 3 seconds.

I've tested on three computers and two had exactly the same problem, whilst the third connected but I don't know if it was a USB 2.0 port or not.

Today I returned the iPod for a replacement, assuming it must be faulty since I could reproduce the problem on two computers, and after extensive search on the internet I was unable to find anyone having the same problem.

But even the new iPod is suffering the same issue. The issue is difficult to describe in detail. Currently the device is working better than it was because I've done things a little differently.

My concern is that on both PC's I have DOpus and it's the only program that I can think might be causing a problem. Is anyone using their iPod on a PC with DOpus installed? Is it possible DOpus could be causing a problem?

If it happens when Opus has been exited and you're using Explorer instead then it's something to do with the iPod, USB cable or USB port, rather than Opus.

At least in the past, iPods have been notoriously picky about different makes of Firewire card and it's possible they're the same with USB2.0 cards. If you know someone else with an iPod that works on their PC, try plugging your iPod into their PC, and their iPod into your PC, to see if different combinations work.

It's also worth trying it on a USB2.0 port that's on your PC, and not an external USB hub. Make sure the port is a powered one (although it shouldn't be required, it can help), and try unplugging other USB devices to make sure there's plenty of power available to the USB bus.

If it turns out you do need a new USB2.0 port that works with the iPod you can very cheap PCI cards that add extra ports to the front and/or back of your PC. (About £15 last time I looked.) Just do a search first to see if other people with the same iPod as yours can confirm it works.

Of course, if it does seem to be Opus causing the problem for some reason, let us know!

FWIW, I used to use a 2nd gen iPod via Firewire with Opus without any problems.

Thanks for the reply nudel. I'm not sure it is DOpus but wanted to single it out. I did also uninstall it and had the same problem.

Unfortunately I don't know anybody else with an iPod. Which makes testing very difficult. The USB cable could be the issue, but I'm not prepared to go back to where I bought it and say "Hey, that's iPod I returned yesterday wasn't broke. Can you give me new USB cable now?" :slight_smile: Unfortunately they did only replace the iPod and none of the accessories. I wish I had thought of this yesterday.

I've heard that iPod's can have problems with some USB chipsets. Unfortunately, AFAIK, I'm the only person experiancing this specific problem and I've tested on two different PC hardware. No reports on other iPod and hardware forums or the Apple site.

But if it's not DOpus I won't go into depth about it here. If you're interest - Thread - Thread

I don't know if this can help, but I've had several similar problems with USB-2 devices (not iPods). E.g. a hard drive in an external USB case that :

  • works on one computer flawlessly (Explorer)
  • works on another one but seems to disconnect and reconnect from the system after a copy operation is completed (Explorer too)
  • worked on another PC but was either slow for transfering files or was fast but disconnected itself from the system randomly, thus stopping the file transfers anytime (my previous PC, with DOpus)
  • works flawlessly on my new PC (DOpus too).

I guess this kind of problem is related to USB issues : either the chipset drivers having bugs, or maybe the USB ports not supplying enough power on some motherboards.

I have kind of a similar problem with USB/USB2 and a 7-in-1 card reader. Every once in a while, when I remove the media card from the reader, the reader stops working properly and I then have to eject/unplug the media reader and reinsert it into the USB port.

When this does happen and I insert media into the reader, I go to the My Computer folder and I see the drive letter(s) for the card reader continually being added and removed by the system.

I think the whole thing is a USB problem, though I notice that it mostly happens if I perform the following sequence in DO:

  1. open two listers; one source lister for the media (e.g. H:) and another lister for destination.
  2. select files on the source and begin a copy session
  3. close the opus lister(s) while the copy is in progress - the copy proceeds..
  4. wait until the copy is done and remove the media from the reader.
  5. insert another media card to read (or the same one, if later)

When I use this sequence, it seems to happen everytime, though this could be coincidence..

hello all, and happy holiday season!

Reviving an old thread, but since its title covers my request why not?...

Recently got an i pod classic for x mas.
I'd like to use D.O to control my i-pod instead of using i tunes.
I've tried songbird, but doesn't do what i want. Podoxx sounds promising but is still limited.

Already had I-tunes installed in my pc.
I-tunes kept prompting for update, so I installed the latest... Now itunes will not load, I think because I've changed the default my music folders to another drive.

To keep it short:
Is there a way D.O. can control iPod, in the sense of synchronizing music/photos etc?
i tunes creates some funny cache folders with zillions of subfolers in them all over my pc..


No, not at the moment.

There is a product called Anapod Explorer which is a Shell Extension to enable Explorer to manage iPods and which should (in theory) work inside of Opus windows as well. I haven't tried it at all myself (the trial version is too crippled to evaluate and the company completely ignored my simple question about whether it supports the gapless playback tags iTunes uses) so I can't tell you how well it works within Opus.

If you're more interested in replacing iTunes than specifically using Opus for this purpose then there are some other alternatives, like a Winamp plugin (I think there's also a Foobar2000 plugin), a program called Ephpod, and some others.

Personally, and as much as I dislike iTunes and every other awful piece of software that Apple has inflicted on the Windows platform, I just use iTunes with my iPod. Apple haven't documented any of the iPod database format/protocol so all the alternative software is based on reverse-engineered information. Apple also have a nasty habit of changing the format with new versions of iTunes and player firmwares and it always (and understandably) takes the alternative vendors a while to work out how to make their stuff work correctly again and even longer to make them support all the new features that may have been added (e.g. when gapless playback was added to the iPod nothing but iTunes supported it). As far as I can tell none of the alternatives support the iPod Classic yet and that's been out for months. Maybe because Apple started applying some encryption on the database (like that's in their customers' interests) although that has been broken.

Ideally the iPod would let you just copy files over to it as a standard USB disk and the player itself would then index them and build its database. This is how a handful of players on the market work (sadly they're all lacking in storage space compared to iPods and Zunes, although Sony seem to be going this route after finally ditching the beast that was SonicStage, so maybe we'll see something interesting from them). Apple are unlikely to ever go this route because they like locking people in to using iTunes and dangling the iTunes Music Store under their noses, not to mention the prospect of switching to OS X in order to get a version of iTunes that doesn't completely suck.

Another more radical alternative is to install the 3rd party Rockbox alternative firmware on your iPod. (Unless it's an iPod Classic or Nano 2nd/3rd gen which Rockbox isn't ported to yet.) Rockbox completely replaces Apple's firmware and turns the iPod into a filesystem-based player, so you just copy your music over into directories and that's what you see in its menus. Unfortunately Rockbox almost halves the battery life of your iPod and needs someone who is a bit of a geek to set it up.

thanx for the promp reply nudel!

In your rant I'd add that the same more or less applies to sony-Ericsson..
I hate its pc suite software, and I'm looking for an alternative to be able to sync contacts, sms, mms, from my phone to my pc...
Back to the ipod issue:
I just used poddox now to upload my library into my ipod. it seems to work.
Downloaded anapod, but still looks restricted.

So here's the story before that:

basically what i've done is not very intuitive.
Having all my music (~50gb) into a Nec xpress usb drive, I decided to use my new ipod classic 160gb as a dedicated music drive. to free some space from the nec.
So using DO, I dragged n dropped my music folder into the root of ipod.
In that folder are also included itunes library. So I had a double in there.
Ipod cannot see the music folder, but I can through windows. So far so good.
Only that the next time I loaded i tunes, in order to upload some photos on my ipod, it automatically started synching music, and... deleted the previous music library from the ipod..
The whole music folder is there allright, but i have to copy the itunes library back again to my Nec drive, and re-sync it to the ipod.. what a waste of time, for simple things.
I'll definitely have to try that firmware once it supports the ipod classic...

I wonder if drworm ever got his problem resolved... I think he commented in one of his other threads that he was going to try a firewire connetcion instead. If that DID work, then I imagine his problem was just his original USB cable, as he mentioned he never got the store to replace the accessories, just the actual iPod.

Songbird looks like a likely good replacement for itunes.

[quote]"Songbird promises to be the Firefox of media players."
—Aaron Boodman, Greasemonkey[/quote]

Only a Developer Release sofar

No, not at the moment.

There is a product called Anapod Explorer which is a Shell Extension to enable Explorer to manage iPods and which should (in theory) work inside of Opus windows as well. I haven't tried it at all myself (the trial version is too crippled to evaluate and the company completely ignored my simple question about whether it supports the gapless playback tags iTunes uses) so I can't tell you how well it works within Opus.[/quote]
I've been using Anapod Explorer with DOpus since 2003 and it integrates just fine. It's ideal for synchronising your PC and Ipod. It used to be regularly updated but I did hear that the company (Red Chair Software) were in trouble - the latest release is 9.0.4. Their web site is still up and runninghere.

Don't use Anapod Explorer, the company are not updating it any more and aren't even responding to customer service requests.

It doesn't integate with DOpus, but I use the ml_ipod plugin for Winamp which basically does everything iTunes does and more.

I tried anapod, which wasn't after all what it promised to be...
Not only that, my ipod got corrupted, and itunes could no longer recognize it. although it seemed almost full ... 150gigs, there were no audio file to play within the ipod...
Had to reset, reformat it , and load everything from scratch using itunes and poddox.