IPTC support

Since there's EXIF support for images, it would be nice to have IPTC support also. I use a program to create my web galleries and put my captions and such in the IPTC information so it would be very helpful if I could set some column information in DOpus to view them. Even better would be able to edit them too.

Interesting idea. We've never heard of IPTC so that's why it's not supported:)

We'll see what we can do in a future version.

excellent idea - this would def be great feature! :slight_smile:

ap.org/apserver/userguide/codes.htm lists the available codes.

FYI the purpose of the IPTC embedded fields are for user-managed attributes that can be embedded within the image so that any program can view and manage them. This would mean never being tied to any one image catalog program and also being more easily able to share images with others and letting them see the annotations.

Also, the difference between IPTC fields and EXIF is that IPTC fields are designed to be maintained by the user while EXIF fields are designed to be created by the device (e.g. camera) and not modified.


OK, go read this instead:
forums.dpreview.com/forums/read. ... e=15493368

This is a good idea.
It might be useful as well as a place to simply identify the actual photographer.

I hadn't thought of it before, but it does accomplish a good thing for photo galleries as well.
It eliminates a field in the database, MySQL for instance, that would otherwise be populated by extraneous text for instance, resulting in a more difficult to export the database table.

Not intending to hijack the topic here, I simply create a similar directory structure for my photo descriptions.
The descriptions are NOT descript.ion files, but rather portions of HTML created in a PHP based editor on the Admin side of my photo gallery. Actually, they start at

and end at
I save them to the same filename of the photo with an arbitrary extension and include them as needed in the photo gallery.
This also allows me to JavaScript toggle them in and out of pages as needed and available.

This again 'proves' NavLock an excellent feature, as I can browse through both structures simultaneously.

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