Is a cmdline sync possible with DOpus?

Or even a one button sync? From what I gather it isn't really possible but I thought I'd ask. I'd kinda like what FreeFileSync has where a complete sync can be run from a command line. Can DOpus or dopusrt do this at all? Thanks.

Have a look at Find SYNC.

Thank you, Ixp. I already looked at that. If that's the best DOpus can do regarding automating syncs I can keep on using FreeFileSync. Maybe @Leo or @Jon could consider this as a new feature request?

Note that each of the three commands should be run separately. The cannot be chained together to completely automate things, as the Find on line 1 is asynchronous. They let you automate each step, e.g. to do everything via hotkeys or avoid manually setting up the Synchronize panel, but you must wait for the comparison to finish (line 1) before you start the copy (line 2).

AFAIK it works in Opus 13.

Do you mean it works as I was hoping it would, or it works as described above, Jon?

What I said there turned out to be incorrect. (With a different explanation for why it didn't work as expected.) Details here:

Looks like that works and avoids the need for multiple button presses. Now the icing on the cake would be to have it somehow callable from dopusrt ...