Is Filename quoting useful for Evaluator codes?

I am currently spicing up buttons with Eval codes. It is more work than I thought because the codes for files and folders are all potentially enclosed in quotes, which I haven't needed yet.

On the contrary, so far I always required the strings to be without quotes. This meant I needed to switch on @nofilenamequoting for the entire button and add quotes to the other commands.

Admittedly, I haven't written many Eval codes yet, but I would imagine the cases in which filename quoting is useful are outnumbered by the cases in which it is not.

Since adding quotes is easier than removing them, I'd vote for nofilenamequoting as the default for Eval codes.

Alternatively, the codes could come with quotes when used on their own and without them when fed into a function (yeah, let's add more complexity to the parser... so probably not a good idea. But hey, it's still beta time :smiley: )

There's a change coming in the next beta to drop the quotes from the evaluator file variable.