Is it possible to add file extensions to the built in Metadata Editor

I have no complaints.
Directory Opus is more than capable of managing much of the metadata in my almost ancient Minolta raw image files. Be it a script, a Directory Opus Command, or Command Line, I have little difficulty with this. The info-tip properly displays the metadata is was designed to display and other things I can see with LXP's Exiftool columns. I have posted images of that very useful, at least to me, result.

But, the built in Metadata Editor still doesn't get it and I can't haven't been able to change it with filetypes. Nothing urgent here, but I'm kind of wondering if there is an easy fix to this.

Not currently, no. It's more geared toward editing metadata than just displaying it, and editing metadata in raw formats (which are usually not well documented or even fully known outside the companies that make them) seems risky for what is usually an archival format.

That said, we have some ideas about extending what it can display. But no plan yet on if/when to implement them. Too much else to do first!

Thanks Leo !

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