Is it possible to change what is shown in Copy/Move dialogs?

Is it possible to change what is displayed in Directory Opus Copy/Move dialog boxes, specifically the information shown in the Desc: line? In many cases, as seen in this screenshot...

... the Product Version and File Version are the same, which is somewhat redundant (this is common for .exe and .dll files). I would like to be able to add a file's MD5 hash to the Copy/Move dialog box. I create a lot of software patches where file names, sizes, versions, and even dates are the same, but the file contents are different. Having an MD5 hash value, even just the first 5 or so characters, displayed in a Copy/Move dialog box would be very useful.

I realize this would slow down the Copy/Move process a little bit, since the for files would have to be calculated, but most of the files I deal with are no more than ~5 MB in size, so the calculations are almost instantaneous. If the hash values displayed are different, I could stop the copy/move process immediately. Thank you.

I think viewer plugins can change it, but they'd also be changing the regular Description column, which you may not want. There isn't a way to do it from Preferences or via scripting.

We've been thinking about some enhancements to the Replace dialog which would include that type of things, although it's more of a long-term plan/idea than something we've already started working on.