Is it possible to clear the find files history?


Is it possible to clear the find files history in DOpus?



Do you mean Find Results? Just parent up and delete the collection.

I have the same question as “stevenoon”
If you go to “File / Find / Name matching:” or “Ctrl+F”
There is a checkbox showing a list of every name you have ever searched for.
How do you clear that list?

Delete /dopuslocaldata/State Data/MRU/find_name.osd

Looks like you don't have to restart Opus, either. Deleting it takes immediate effect.

If you want to clear the other Find data, also delete the other find_*.osd files in the MRU folder and the find.osd file in the State Data folder.

You could make a button or hotkey to delete the files if it's something you want to do often.