Is it possible to Color Code Files Changed This Week, but leave Changed Today with a different color?

OK, so I've been able to assign filters to flag files changed today to red, or to assign a filter for files changed this week to teal - but of course the teal then clobbers my red. Is there a way to filter this week but NOT today? I upgraded to version 12 BTW

Maybe you have them in the wrong order? You can change the priority by moving them up and down on the list. I have a similar setup as you and it works fine.
Unless one of your labels is changing color of the text and other the background and both are being applied? This is how mine is setup...


Recently Modified 1 Hour:

Recently Modified 1 Day:

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Adjust your week filter to this (choose your own color).

Are the last two lines there for something subtle? (Most things are a file or a folder.)

If they are there for a reason, you probably want to move the last two lines into a subclause, as this is ambiguous:

a and b and c or d

while you want this:

a and b and (c or d)

OP's problem at the start of the thread is likely the order the two filters are in the list, as @yonder says.

Edit: You can also use Stop On Match for the top filter, to prevent any below it from also being applied if they match as well.

You'll either want:

  1. Modified within 7 days.
  2. Modified within 24 hours.


  1. Modified within 24 hours. Stop On Match.
  2. Modified within 7 days.

(Or similar. You may want Modified within 24 Hours and Modified after 00:00 rather than just Modified After 24 hours, if you want things modified today rather than within the past day.)

You're right about the last two lines. They must be put in a sub clause but are in this case unnecessary. The addition of After 00:00 is also better if it's Today.

I prefer my filter because it's not relying on other filters, on the order of the filters and also not on Stop on match. But both ways are possible. The point I wanted to make was the use of No Match.

Well, just when I thought I finally "

got it" - I guess I didn't. Sorry I find this whole thing so confusing. I thought this was a global sort of change, but it appears to work in some of my folders (the one w/o focus in Opus for example on the right) & not in others (see the Account Info file in left hand frame?) Please explain as if you were very patiently explaining this to an idiot, step by step - e.g. Preferences -> File Operations -> Filters for example. I also wish I could somehow actually see the defined contents of the filters within File Operations. Finally, is there really a way to change the order of filters w/o deleting & re-creating them?

Did you use "manual" labels on the files/folders that don't match the rules? Those have a higher priority.
By "manual" I mean right click a file/folder and choose Set Label.

How would I know? Not knowingly for sure. But now, although my colors show just like before, when I go to Pref->File Operations->Filters its empty, even though I can still see the colors. (I had deleted some other similarly named filters & labels that were just confusing me & not working.)

You can right click on a file, choose Set Label and then select Reset to remove the label. If there was one your Today-Week label should work.
If not then there must be something wrong with your rules.

BTW: You can see all the labels that a assigned via Settings > Pref > Display > Label Assignments.

You're talking about focus in your previous comment. Do the colors change when you switch focus?

I just noticed that the folder that "works" with today & this week shows the label, but the one that only shows everything in teal doesn't have the label displayed at the top. I thought I didn't need to have the label show in Opus. Is that what your saying my problem might be?

No, the colors don't change & are consistently correct or incorrect. - But when I go to File Operations -> Filters my filters don't show up even for the folder that displays red & teal.

You have to look under Settings > Pref > Display > Label Assignments, at the bottom of the list.
Any teal items in the list?

The reason I take so long to respond is I'm trying to follow - but unfortunately unsuccessfully. Under Preferences (I use Leo's toolbars, with one of my own added) under "Display" all I have listed is Colors & fonts, Fields, Images, Language, Options, Status Bar & Transition Animations. I only see Labels & Label Assignments under "Favorites & Recent".

BTW, someplace or other I came across a bunch of things called "Conflicts" or some such

Oh my bad. It must be Pref > Favorites and Recent > Label Assignments

Yeah, Label Assignments shows up properly regardless of which folder has the focus when I go into Preferences. And YES that's where I see the filters & can edit them. I have the Modified within 1 day (using today & time between 0 what had been the current time) and then the Changed within 7 days filter that has modified within 1 week.

any more ideas?

Please post screenshots of how your labels/filters are configured.

The really curious thing is that it works for a very limited number of folders but not for the vast majority.

Your "changed today" filter is not matching things changed today. It's matching things changed on a specific date before a specific time: