Is it possible to have 4 listers open at once within the display?

I ran across an advertisement for a file manager I had never heard of before today. Out of respect for Opus, I will not name it, but it has a feature (actually the only feature) that caught my eye. This one has 4 listers open at once, with the ability to drag n drop between any of the 4.

So, being somewhat idle today, I stated to wonder what that would be like in Opus, and if it could even be done.......

Not more than two file displays in a single window, except as folder tabs.

But you can use layouts to save and restore as many side-by-side windows as you want, should you need quick access to more than two file displays visible on screen simultaneously.

OK, that might be something I'll mess around with later on... Thanks!

Also the Windows OS allows you to snap windows to lock them in place.

True. I've used that feature for a while now for other windows I have open sometimes.

Thanks for the suggestion, but to be honest, it was just a passing curiosity, and not one that I intend to pursue with any seriousness. I'm pleased with the the dual display of Opus, and have used it for so long that I would be lost without it.

Matter of fact, if I could find a good way to get rid of the desktop altogether, I could get by just fine using Opus as my desktop replacement. I don't need icons, I don't need wallpaper, and I don't really even need the taskbar. Opus can do all that, and more!!

But I don't think MS would care much for me getting rid of the desktop...

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