Is it possible to preserve attributes while copying files via MTP?


Is it possible to somehow configure Dopus to preserve attributes (specifically: read-only) when copying files through MTP?

Nikon DSLR's allow to "lock" files (via a key icon - this marks the file as read-only under the hood), I use this feature to quickly mark photos during a photoshoot, unfortunately Dopus seems to clear this attribute when later importing the files.

In the attribute copying config section, I have unchecked the one responsible for clearing read-only when copying from CD's, and checked the one responsible for preserving attributes during copy. To no avail, unfortunately. So my solution for now was to turn off MTP support and use the native Windows one.

Lock and Read-Only don't seem like the same thing. Is the R attribute set on those files when you view them?

Do you mean Explorer does something different here? It doesn't usually preserve attributes at all, unless that has changed since I last looked.

Well, since at least 2019 (that's when I partially automated my process, didn't check that earlier), copying files from camera with Windows Explorer resulted in those files that were "locked" on camera being read-only in the filesystem.

Right clicking ( -> Properties) on a locked file in windows explorer shows it marked as read-only (non-locked file isn't marked read-only).

After copying with Explorer, "R" is set (I rely on that attribute in some batch files that divide the photoshoot into different subfolders, that's how I discovered the issue - first photoshoot imported with Dopus resulted in empty subfolder for locked files, even though there were locked files on camera).

I've found a "Can Delete" flag which might be what Explorer is using.

I don't have a Nikon to test with unfortunately, and I can't find a way to do anything similar using Android.

Explorer won't show the Attributes column for me on an MTP device, but does have (ghosted/disabled, and always unchecked for me) Read-Only and Hidden checkboxes in the Properties dialog for an individual file. Hard to tell if this is the flag it's using or not.

In the next beta, we'll try mapping "Can Delete" to the Read-Only attribute (reversed, of course). Once the beta is out, please try it and let us know if it had the expected result with your camera.

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