Is it possible to save & set tab groups in both listers?


i´d like to save the whole set of tabs below both listers into one tab group, as well as be able to set them back in the same manner.
Example: the left lister contains tabs 1, 2, 3, the right one has 4, 5, 6, so basically i´d like to make a button that is saving or loading all tabs 1-6 accordingly.

Currently a saved tab layout will only load a set of tabs in only the active side of the two listers. I´m using the


command. Can this be done somehow?

Nope... this is more the territory of either Layouts or Styles... tab groups are just to store 'tabs' not the place where those tabs are loaded into the display. If you don't want to use layouts or styles for this, then you have to save each set of tabs into separate groups, and then use a set of commands like:


To load them into view...

why ´nope´? Your button works perfectly. :slight_smile: