Is it possible to set my own label color?


title says it all :slight_smile:



Yes, you can add/edit labels and their colors in Preferences.

Ok thanks, i searched but cant fint this, where do i change it, can you specify step by step ?


Preferences / Favorites and Recent / Labels

Brilliant, thank you :slight_smile:


When i label a file and copy it to eg a USB to paste it in a folder on another PC the label is gone. Is there a way to preserve the label ? I have these settings:

USB sticks are often not formatted as NTFS, so there's no ADS metadata system to store the labels in.

As an alternative, you can label files by path, with the path stored in your configuration, but then the labels don't move with the files (e.g. if a file is copied or renamed) and won't show up on other computers.

NTFS is an option with USB sticks, provided everything else you plan to plug the stick into understands it. (Surprisingly, some consumer devices like LG TVs will understand NTFS USB sticks, so it's not as crazy as it sounds.)

Thanks, i read about the NTFS requirement but didn't check until now, after formatting the USB flash NTFS it worked.

But synchronizing files via Synology Nas between 2 PCs, both NTFS, did loose the label. Maybe Synology don't sync metadata although it should.

Any idea?


Most non-Windows NAS don't use NTFS or support ADS.

OK thanks :slight_smile:

I just tested: i added a label on a file placed ON the NAS, that accepted the label coloring. But this should not be possible when the file system is no NTFS ?


EDIT: i just tried to drag drop a file from stationary NTFS PC to external seagate USB NTFS drive, in this case the label did not get carried over when i used a light red color, but using a light green worked, any idea what is going on ?


If you label a file/folder on a non-NTFS drive, the label is stored in your config file against the file/folder's current path. It won't be attached to the actual file/folder; only to the path itself.

can you explain a little more, what config file and where is it located ?


You don't need to look at the config file. The list is shown in Preferences as well, in the Label Assignments page (right under the Labels page).

If you need the actual file for some reason, it's here:

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\ConfigFiles\foldercolors.oxc

ok so it means if the file is moved to another path eg another PC the colors will be lost (if its not on a NTFS system) ?

If so, thats why i guess that it dont get carried over from my stationary pc to my laptop because its intermediately placed on the NAS which runs linux i think, does that make sense ?

If thats correct, there is no way sto have colors of files (labels) synchronized across devices ?


You can, but the devices have to be NTFS.

yes i understand, but i think that passing a linux synology NAS destroys that feature eventhough when 2 PCs at the end are NTFS. The same goes for software like Vice Versa Pro - eventhough its supposed to use windows native file copying approach, colors seems not to be carried over between 2 NTFS systems.

One more thing i just realised, the files have to be shown in opus to show colors, windows file explorer dont show them - thats expected ?

Labels are an Opus feature. Explorer knows absolutely nothing about them.

got it, thanks


Hi, i spoke to Synology support, they ask;

Is metadata stored in the file or through ADS ?

Assuming i ONLY use NTFS systems

regards Nolan