Is it possible to show length and resolution of a movie in tooltip?

Is it possible to configure Directory Opus 12 so that length and resolution of a movie are shown either in tooltip, in the status bar or even better directly below the icon/thumbnail?

Thank you for your help!


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I think this is even in the standard setup for the info tip. Check your file types settings if it is:

Keep in mind that not all video formats and codecs are supported.

Thank you very much for your quick reply! Unfortunately this does not work with mp4-files.

The Windows File Explorer is able to display these data (length, resolution etc) in its "Details Pane", when a file is marked. Is it possible to display this "Details Pane" in Directory Opus too, or at least something similar?

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About mov but also applies to mp4:

Wow, you reply really fast - thank you so much!

Sadly, I did not understand how this would help me to easily display length, resolution etc. of a movie file in the thumbnail mode of Directory Opus (as the "Details Pane" in the Windows File Explorer does, not that I would want to compare it to the otherwise fantastic Directory Opus).

I am really sorry to keep bothering you! You can see I am not a skilled power user ...

I tried the script you suggested - and it works fantastic in the Details mode of Directory Opus. Thank you! ("Dimensions" shows exactly what I meant with "Resolution". I apologize, I am not a native English speaker ...)

Unfortunately, I still cannot find a way to display this information in the Thumbnail mode of Directory Opus. As a workaround we probably have to stick to the Windows File Explorer for this purpose, though I'd rather do it with Directory Opus like everything else.

  1. Have you disabled the Movie plugin in Opus? If so, try re-enabling it if you want the built-in columns to work.

  2. The alternative columns which the script adds can be used within infotips (tooltips) the same as internal columns. They're under the Script category. Those infotips work in both thumbnails and details modes, and the first reply by lxp shows how to edit them.

After following your advice the infotips work with the movie script with most movie file formats in all modes, including thumbnail mode. Sadly however, it does neither work with *.mov or *.mp4 files.
Do I need to install a special codec? (But then, why would it work with the standard file explorer?)