Is it possible to turn off the error messages?

I get them all the time, but mostly without any visible negative effects. SInce it appears cryptic to me, i'd rather switch them off, instead having to click them away. Is there maybe a way?

Could you be more specific about what error messages you’re talking about?

It's those small red symbols at the right side of the status bar, indicating some scripting errors.

The way to turn them off is to fix the script bugs that are causing them (or report them to the script authors so they can fix them).

Ok. Sounds like a lot of work, since there is a whole bunch of scripts throwing errors. But i will try. The biggest problem is to find the right place in the forum, where the script topic is located. Thanks!

Ok, i have just searched for "simple tab renamer", which throws an error. Nothing really found. I'm sure, it is somewehere, but maybe the topic has changed? Anyway, i have the error log, so i can try to post some of the issues. But as i said, most of them seem to be harmless.

Most scripts have an author that is shown in the list of scripts in Preferences. Some also link to a forum post in the same place.

Good idea, thanks. Minor issue, so it's not that urgent.

If the scripts are causing errors they’re not working anyway so you could also just delete them.

One error does not a broken script make.

Maybe, Some scripts just fail for specific folder or files in that folder. E.G. the Tablabelizer has a bug where it does not like certain folders\drives. But mostly it works ok. This reminds me I should fix that :wink:

Abr says he gets it all the time though.

Well, not literally all the time. It's more like wowbagger says. Most of the times, repeating the action doesn't show the error again. Most importantly, i don't even experience any negative effects, nor do i get those errors in response of an direct action, regarding the scripts. They run in the background, & in some situations the error icon pops up, with no other noticable side affects, as fas as i can tell.

Maybe i can post the error log here, if it is of interest. Here are a few recent log messages. But as i said, nothing noticable happened.

24.12.2018 13:00 Event.Folder: CloseTabSiblings:  Fehler in Zeile 197, Position 3
 24.12.2018 13:00 Event.Folder: CloseTabSiblings:  'lister.tabsleft' ist Null oder kein Objekt (0x800a138f)
 24.12.2018 13:00 Example Event Script:  Fehler in Zeile 33, Position 3
 24.12.2018 13:00 Example Event Script:  Das Objekt unterstützt diese Eigenschaft oder Methode nicht.: '' (0x800a01b6)
 24.12.2018 13:00 Flat-View Auto:  Fehler in Zeile 49, Position 2
 24.12.2018 13:00 Flat-View Auto:  Das Objekt unterstützt diese Eigenschaft oder Methode nicht.: '' (0x800a01b6)
 24.12.2018 13:00 SimpleTabRenamer:  Fehler in Zeile 25, Position 3
 24.12.2018 13:00 SimpleTabRenamer:  Fehler 0x80004005