Is it possible to 'view-previous' and 'view next' from a list of search results?

I have split my pdf documents into individual pages.

When I perform a search, thumbnails of the resulting pages are displayed.

Is there a viewer which can open one of the docs and which will then permit me to open the next - or previous - result in the same viewer, without having to re-open the viewing app?

View them in the preview pane, then move through the files in the file display (via clicking, cursor keys, or the next/prev buttons at the top of the viewer pane).

(This assumes there's a working PDF preview handler installed, but one comes with Windows these days.)

Thanks. That rings a bell.
How do I open the file display?

ah ah. found it.

PDF-XChange-Editor is now my default pdf editor.
I have changed the default tool from 'hand' to 'select text'
When I open a pdf from windows explorer, XChange opens in 'select text' mode as expected.
However, when I preview a pdf from DOPUS, XChange still opens in 'hand' mode.
Any ideas?

Is if definitely PDF-Xchange and the same viewer in both cases?

AFAIK the host app has no say in which mode a preview handler opens it. It just tells it the file to open.