Is it possible to view thumbnail for html and animated gif

I'm searching all day but i can't find the answer. I can't see the thumbnails for html and animated gif files. Is there some option to do that. I'm using vista and opus

Did you read this topic?

that works only for xp i think...
anyway it doesn't work for me.
any other suggestion.

Firstly, upgrade to the latest version of Opus.

Secondly, do the thumbnails show in Explorer?

[ul][li]HTML thumbs:

One of the answers in the thread that searcher123 linked is specifically designed for Vista. The other one may work with Vista as well; nobody in the thread seemed sure. Whichever method you try, concentrate on getting HTML thumbnails to work in Explorer first (as Steve suggests) and then worry about Opus.
[li]Animated GIF thumbs:

Assuming the Animated GIF plugin hasn't been disabled for some reason you should get them automatically.

Or do you mean you want animated thumbnails for animated GIF files?[/li][/ul]