Is there a command to select the contents of a Dir?

Is there a command I can select the contents of a selected Dir fully in Flat View?

Don't think so... I tried variations on using stuff like {f}* etc etc, and it just doesn't work out. I don't think the Select command can work off of fully qualified paths, and is restricted to source and dest paths... At least, the Select dialog doesn't even allow you to insert : and \ characters, so it stands to reason the command rejects them to.

Unless someone else has some tricks, I think this will need to be a feature request... FWIW, GPSoft added full path delimiter functionality into the Clipboard PASTE AS=ask functionality with a recent update, and it seems "similar" in nature to add to the Select command, so maybe this is a quicky that they can churn out if asked...

Thank you very much for your effort dear Steje. I was tried many combination too, all without success. This feature will be very useful in situations as if someone want to copy some specified files from source to destination without keeping their dir structure legacy.