Is there a Directory Opus (DO) "command line" to execute a DO command?

As usual, I had a need and came to the support forum and found not one but two features of which I wasn't even aware. Namely, I wanted to be able to reopen a closed tab as well as reopen a closed lister, both of which DO can already do. This program never ceases to amaze me.

The one thing I still found myself wanting, much like my favorite code editor SlickEdit, was the ability to invoke some sort of DO "command line" in which I could internally execute a DO command. I don't mean "open a CMD.exe command line/prompt in the current folder" or anything like that. I mean maybe a little dialog or something that I could invoke in DO, type in a command (e.g., "Go UNDOCLOSELISTER") and execute it.

As it is, I've had to create a new menu button for that wonderful feature, but I thought I'd ask: does DO already have such an internal command line? If not, would that be worthwhile?

DOpusRT.exe /acmd can do that:

(Edit: I misunderstood the question. Lxp's answer is where it's at.)

You seem to be looking for the Find-as-you-type Field's Command mode:

The Command mode lets you enter a command and execute it immediately. You can run any Opus internal command, or launch an external program. Any function you can run from a button or hotkey can be run as an ad-hoc command through the FAYT.!Documents/Findasyoutype_Field.htm

Launch it by typing >.


Aha! I just knew it had to be in there somewhere, and I'll be darned if it's not exactly what I'd expect from a programmer! In SlickEdit you hit escape to bring up the command line; in DO it's '>'. Perfect! Thanks!