Is there a keyboard shortcut for the context menu of tabs?

I am able to open the context menu of tabs by right-clicking on the tab icon. Is there a keyboard shortcut that does the same?

It doesn't seem so. Otherwise it should be in -> customize -> context menues, which is not the case.

I don't think so, but several of the commands are in the Folder menu which can be opened via the keyboard, or have hotkeys of their own. The others can be added to menus or hotkeys if you need to access them via the keyboard.

Whether a menu is customizable there has no connection to whether or not you can trigger it via the keyboard.

Yes, but i have also looked in the online manual, in case there was an extra command.


As an alternative, I am going to build a toolbar menu to replicate the items on that context menu. May work even better than a context menu for how I plan to use it.