Is there a keystroke for moving tab from left to right lister?

Hi all - this is a great product, helping me so much already.

Is there a keystroke for moving tab from left/top to right/bottom lister in dual pane? I seem to be able to do nearly everything else with tabs via the keyboard but not this.


I know these commands:

For copying the tab:


For moving the tab:

Go TABMOVE=active

For moving with setting focus on destination:

Go CURRENT OPENINDUAL NEWTAB=findexisting,tofront
Set FOCUS=Toggle

You can copy these commands and paste them on a toolbar after: (Right click on toolbar > Customize... > (Right click) > New > New Button > (Right click) > Edit

And then you can set Hotkeys.

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Also, if you only want hotkeys, without creating toolbar buttons as well, you can set up those via Settings > Customize Toolbars > Keys.

Thank you both - that has all worked - my first customisations of keys - very interesting and helpful

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