Is there a shortcut to do this the tab function? (or way to customize it)

I often have multiple tabs open and I right click one and select "Split to dual display". If I already had a dual display up, I can drag the tab over to the other side without having make a menu selection.

If I am displaying the tree, I know that I can hold the control key and mouse click a folder, which will split the display and open the new tab there.

What I am trying to figure out is how to go from a single display, and drag or click a tab and go directly to a dual display with the tab moved to it. It seems like there would be something like a control key plus mouse click that would do this, but I can't find it.

The command to do this is Go TABMOVE=split. You could assign it to a hotkey (or put it on a toolbar button) if it's something you do often.

Would there be anyway to assign "Go TABMOVE=split" to say ...

  • Alt-right mouse click, on the tab you want to move?
    -- or --
  • Assign "Go TABMOVE=split" to dragging a tab to the right side of the window and dropping it?

Not currently, no.

Feature suggestion:

Folder Tabs / Options / Double-click tab:

  • Close Tab
  • Move tab to Right/Left (Creating dual display if necessary)

I so often have a single display up, and want to move a tab to the right to compare. This shortcut would be soooo useful. It would also be slightly nicer then dragging a tab from left to right or vise versa.

I know I can right click and select "Split to dual display". I am spoiled by the shortcuts already in DO, and this one would rock for me.

If you enable Folder tab close button in Preferences / Folder Tabs / Options

Then while holding alt and clicking the X on tab will move tab to dual display.

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The big "X" is ugly, but the alt click on it works just as I asked for. (The small "x" is to tiny)

Thanks. Very nice find.

If you think the X is ugly or too small and want to avoid key presses and buttons on toolbar, another option would be to make use of the double click lister background feature (or single middle click lister background).