Is there a way to display row number, like in excel?

I would like to have a number assigned to each row in a list, like the way you can view row numbers in excel. The numbers should be associated with the position in the list sequence, not particular files, so the numbers would remain in sequential order regardless of how the files are sorted. Is there a way to do this?

Apologies, I found the answer.

To help anyone else with the same question: Add the General > Index column.

Hi Leo, There used to be an option for this under Preferences > Settings. Has it been removed? I think I remember enabling it in version 10 or 11, but I can't find it in version 12.23. I prefer enabling this in the preferences so that each new lister window I open will automatically have it rather than having to add it all the time. I searched the user guide, the forum, I looked at all the options in Settings, but I just can't find it. Maybe I using the wrong keyword.

As far as I can remember, the way it works hasn't changed. You just need to add the Index column, and then save that as your default ( Folder Formats: Quick Guide ).