Is there a way to display scripterror icon from a script?

Is there a way to display the scripterror icon from a script without actually
triggering a unhandled exception to do so?

If I handle the exceptions myself then it won't show that icon, but sometimes
it would be preferable to be able to display a message in output AND notify
the user that an error has occured.
Such as when displaying a modified errormessage.

If not, can it be added?
Maybe an alternate DOpus.OutputError(message), or a property would be the way to go.

I don't mean for it to stop the script, only to output a message to output
and display the error icon.

There's no way to do it at the moment, but that's not a bad idea.


In case you thought of doing otherwise:
It may be preferable to leave the text color for the message as is.
I mean, red text usually means DO script crash.

If colorchange is needed, theres the undocumented (to my knowledge)
way the Say script does it.

I'd like to have a script running indicator as well.