Is there a way to keep the user descriptions after RAR/Zip transfer?

Using some cloud storage, all user descriptions of a folder are lost after downloading and unzipping. Is there a way to attach the data stream, so the descriptions would be preserved?

It would be nice if DOpus had its own tag database in the future. Currently you can sync data stream via script.

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Thank you.

The RAR format can store these streams, but I am afraid they don't exist on the cloud storage anyway.

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Actually i was talking about Proton Drive, which is using ZIP files. And yes, you might be right about RARs also being stripped off those properties. Thanks!

That wouldn't help if the files went into a zip and then through cloud storage or similar, since the database isn't going to go into the zip or cloud storage as well. Unless you mean a separate database in for each folder, stored in a file in each folder, in which case the option to use the old DOS-style descript.ion files is already there in Preferences.

I forgot this option, seems to only save to description.ion file or data stream? Can it be saved to both? Sync to cloud or just compress some files to keep descriptions. It would be better to save the labels too.
It is also useful to have a tag database to find items by tags, descriptions and labels list.

Saving to both would mean problems when the two get out of sync. You have to pick one method or the other.

You can already search by tags and descriptions.

In other software there is a similar description.ion file as a backup, I think there can be an option to switch whether to automatically read data from the description.ion file. . .

I mean at any path, find items at any path by tags or labels list, not just items in the current path. I didn't find such a list.

Tools > Find Files > Advanced

I use the Find Files function every day, I'm talking about a tags, labels or descriptions list like this:

Searches will be instantaneous, when DOpus has its own tag database.

You would have to type the tags, but you can search for them.

We’re somewhat off topic now, and a tag database would be directly contrary to the thing the root post is requesting.