Is there a way to make the titlebar constant?


Hopefully I'm not missing something too obvious here!

When I have a lister open and say I am in the "C:\Windows" directory, the titlebar text reads C:\Windows. Now let's say I go to the C:\Temp directory, the titlebar text now reads C:\Temp.

Is there a way to make the TitleBar.Text constant so it just says "Directory Opus 8" or similar?

Thank you for any advice!

I'm not aware of an option to turn this feature off, sorry.

Does it simply irritate you, or is it causing problems e.g. with some kind of automation software which recognises windows by title?

Thank you for your reply nudel.

You are good, you hit the nail on the head! I am trying to work Directory Opus (DO) into a Macro Scheduler (MS) script. Considering your reply, the more I think about it, the obvious method of choice is a MS work-around.

I do like/appreciate having the directory listed in the Titlebar because then it also shows up on the TaskBar - very nice when I have multiple listers open. In the end, if this was an option, I'd surely be kicking myself in the behind (no pun intended) for turning it on. :smiley:

Thanks again nudel, and much deserved kudos to you for all of your excellent DO plugins!