Is there a way to open files as new tabs by default?

I've moved over here from Clover - which is a file manager that uses a UI similar to Google Chrome.

I like the consistency between my browser and file manager. Is there a way to make Dopus behave more like that?

I'd like files to open as a new tab when middle-mouse clicked and commands to open a new window to default to opening a new tab instead.

If possible I'd really like a bookmark bar (with folders, etc) instead of the quick access panel on the side. Basically I want DOPUS to work like this:

You can change what double-middle click does in the file display via Settings > File Types > All Folders > Events.

Go NEWTAB=findexisting is probably the command you want.

For the folder tree, see Preferences / Folder Tree / Selection Events.

For a "bookmarks bar", just go into Customize mode and drag the favorites menu placeholder out of the favorites menu and on to a toolbar where you want it to appear. (Hold Ctrl while dragging if you want to copy it to there and avoid changing the normal menu.)

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Holy cow leo. You are the man. Dopus is great.

One more question, and this might be more of a feature request. When you shrink the width of the window in Chrome the tab labels also shrink to show less of them, eventually showing no label at all. Is there an option for that in Dopus?

I wanted to add that in Dopus right now it always shows the full label and instead moves tabs it doesn't have room for to the ">>" dropdown. That's totally fine, it's just a preference thing.

Is there a way to edit posts here?

Ok I just assumed DOPUS had the above option and found it (Reduce Tab Sizes to Fit Available Space). Turns out that's a good assumption to make. No more questions, bless you leo.

Ok last question. When I open a ZIP file WinRar opens it as a new window - is there a way to make it open as a new tab? That's the kind of behavior I want to override.

So you want the RAR file to open in an Opus folder tab instead of in WinRAR?

Is Opus's RAR support enabled under Preferences / Preferences Categories / Zip and Other Archives / Archive and VFS Plugins ?

Opus does have RAR support enabled.

I'd like pretty much everything to open as an Opus tab. E.g. if I double click a folder on the desktop or in an IDE or extract a ZIP. Right now it makes new windows and this quickly gets out of hand.

A new WinRAR window or a new Opus window?

Is the problem that you want to change RAR files from opening in WinRAR to opening in Opus, or are they already opening in Opus but not how you want?

archive files (RAR/ZIP) are just one tiny example, I didn't mean to emphasize them. I mean in general. When a new folder is opened outside of DOPUS itself it opens a new Dopus list, rather than a tab like Chrome:

Ok just found "Open external folders in a new tab". It looks like the aforementioned was a good assumption to make. OPUS thought of everything. Thanks leo!