Is there a way to upload images?

You used to be able to upload images from DOpus into Imageshack. Then it broke. Then you could use Imgur. Then that broke. Is there a way to do this now?

Im using the Imgur Uploader. I think, i may have downloaded it from Leo's site. But it still works here.

Only Flickr and ImageShack are/were built into Opus. ImageShack broke things on their side and support for that was removed from Opus.

Imgur was never built in but you may have used a 3rd party tool that worked within Opus. That may still work, but I don't use any myself to know.

Several image hosts have shell extension and uploading tools which should integrate with Opus (and often Explorer as well). I don't think we will build-in support for any more of them, as it's too much of a risk to end up beholden to some web service's whims when they have no financial incentive not to break everything for us. Using the tools the services themselves provide seems best, or ones which users create to upload to them.

(Or just use a web host that lets you S/FTP to them, which is what I do.)