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Is there an RTF editor plug-in?

I was thinking of using RTF files for taking notes and thought it would be great if I could edit them directly in the preview pane of Opus.

Are there any plug-ins out there to do this?

I have considered using one of those note taking applications like MS OneNote, but why not just use the file system instead of creating a new notebook metaphor?

There are RTF viewers but not editors.

If you don't need RTF and plain-text editing would be enough then you might find the SourceCodeViewer plugin useful. It integrates a good text editor (SciTE) into the Opus viewer pane. (If you are using 32-bit Opus. There's no 64-bit version of the SourceCodeViewer plugin.)

Is there still the necessity for a RTF-Editor-Plugin?

I'd still like one.

I briefly considered writing my own - but will probably never have the time to finish it.

It's not that difficult a project if you were to purchase a decent ActiveX RTF editor and use the Opus SDK to plug it into Directory Opus.

Yup. I don't think anyone has started one yet (or if they have they haven't mentioned it here, at least).

[quote="Ross MacGregor"]
Are there any plug-ins out there to do this?[/quote]
Now I can announce: yes, there is :slight_smile:

Look here